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Every where you turn you see this mans face, I know life for him must be great!!

Chaske Spencer was born in Oklahoma. He lived through his childhood in Montana, Kooskia, Idaho, Lapwai and Lewiston Idaho. (Lapwai and Lewiston are 20 min apart) He has two younger sisters. His mom is a teacher at a local Alternative High School, and his father is a Counselor at another High School. He graduated from Clearwater Valley High School (in Kooskia). He acted as a kid/young teen at the Lewiston Civic Theater. He went to college at Lewis Clark State College for a year before dropping out to pursue his acting career. He struggled doing odd jobs and taking lessons from coaches like David Gideon and Ed Kovens. Then he got a role in the 2002 in the film "Skins", which then lead to "Dreamkeeper", and "Into the West". He's 34, and a Pisces. His heritage includes Sioux, Nez Perce, Cherokee, Creek, French, and Dutch.

When Chaske was young he dreamed of being a photographer, but before long he found himself in front of the camera pursuing an acting career. He moved to New York City and in between bar tending and waiting tables, he was cast in his very first off-off-Broadway play, Dracula, playing the title role. From there he did a number of New York Theatre pieces and was fortunate enough to be discovered by television/film casting director Rene Haynes. She cast him in his first feature Skins as well as the lead in Dreamkeeper and Steven Speilberg's Into the West. Rene is also responsible for casting him in his latest role as Sam Uley in New Moon and Eclipse. He has also performed at The Public Theatre in New York City and The Roundabout. Chaske is passionate about making a difference with all people in the area of reducing poverty and creating sustainable communities. He is engaged in several projects to that end. Partnered with his manager Josselyne Herman and veteran producer Ted Kurdyla, his production company, Urban Dream, is in development on a feature length documentary as well as a feature film. From his first acting role as a vampire in Dracula to his most current role in New Moon as the lead werewolf, it seems he has truly come full circle.



Small facts about Chaske :
Chaske Spencer is now living on his own for the first time still in Brooklyn.

His heroes are The "Champ" ALI, Crazy Horse, Bob Marley, Steve McQueen, Bruce Lee, and Lance Armstrong.

His favorite books are The Legend of Crazy Horse, A Spy by Nature, Bright Lights Big City, The Outsiders, All The Pretty Horses, and Scar Tissue.